the Journey of Writing My Memoir

Three and a half years ago I had a brain aneurysm and after I recovered, I decided to tell the WHOLE story. My name is Judith Marcus and I am among other identities an advanced level Craniosacral therapist is Seattle, Washington. I thought I could write this by myself and started trolling my journals and dream journals and tried to put it all together into a prebook. I have never taken a writing class and I groaned like when I was writing my MA thesis in 1986. Too Much!!!  But when I read some journal entries to some friends they encouraged me to continue as they thought I had something to say to the world. Even my astrologer kept saying: you need to write and teach!! So I was teaching, both privately in my studio and more publicly as well at a nearby Naturopathic University, a yoga studio and here and there at workshops. I decided to explore the possibilities for writing a book. I felt older and wiser after my recovery from the aneurysm and now I felt like I had a story to tell.

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